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welcome to our site we are currently under construction

BrooklynsBestDogWalkers.Com                   Call us! 646 288 20

welcome to our site we are currently under construction




People always asked how we decided to jump headfirst into the dog walking business, and to be completely upfront; it just happened. Our founder, Alysha, has been in love with and supportive of animals as long as anyone can remember.

The passion for working with animals grew like a wildfire, and our dynamic leader was inspired to create Brooklyn’s Best Dog Walkers in 2015 to help not only the canine community, but the human one as well. Through this work, the goal became to provide a resource to care for animals in the bustling neighborhood of Brooklyn. Whether you need a pet sit, an in-home overnight pet sit, or dog walking, BBDW connects pet parents with dog people who’ll treat their pets like members of the family.

BBDW is also licensed in animal care and handling in New York, insured by pet care insurance, a trusted member of Pet Sit USA, and First Aid & CPR certified by Pet Tech. We also use GPS tracking on our walks powered by Petcheck Technology.

Another great thing about BBDW is when you are able to build upon successes to create an amazing team to grow and improve.  With that in mind, K.Gaines, a true blessing in disguise, has partnered with BBDW to build up ideas that go beyond general pet care.  From learning new tips and tricks to working through your pets behavioral quirks. 

BBDW is your rainy-day-dog-walking, tug-of-war-playing, big-belly-rubbing, pet sitting go-to!.  And you can trust us to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Rates & Services

Dog Walks


You can’t always prevent crazy things from happening at work or in your life, but you can anticipate your dog’s needs.  Relax and have peace in knowing that our trusted dog walkers are available to give your dog an energetic and fun walk for your selected time frames. Our walkers are available to stop by as many times as you need—on whatever days you might need them.

30 Minute walks are $20 plus tax

60 Minute walks are $30 plus tax

If there  are siblings in your household it will be an extra $10 half hour or $15 hour each. There are also additional fees for early, late, weekend , short notice, extreme weather and holiday bookings

Pet Sits


Heading out of town? Book a one-time visit, or set up a regular schedule with your favorite sitter. Our exemplary sitting service is good for all animals, from dogs to reptiles, birds, fish, rabbits and everything in between.  This is a great way for BBDW to provide custom care for your furry or scaly friend including feeding, fresh water, changing litter, cleaning cages, play time, brushing and most importantly LOVE.  If you would like us to water your plants and bring the mail in we can do that as well.  A standard visit costs $20-$30 plus tax depending on the time of day, where you're located and how long you’d like the visit to be.



Some pets simply prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home as well as maintaining their regular daily schedule.  This is where BBDW come in to save the day by providing a safe, loving alternative to boarding  and kenneling facilities.  Overnights are ideal for pets of all ages and abilities.  Whether they have specials needs such as time sensitive medications, quirks, or separation anxiety, we will walk, feed, play with, cuddle, care for and sleep with your pet the same way you would.  It will be just like you never left. Overnights start at $60 plus tax for one pet.  Additional dogs are $30 per night.  Other pets are an additional $15 per night


Serving Brooklyn

We love hearing from our customers, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our services.


Monday - Sunday: 11am - 6pm 

Open All Holidays!